PyVista Tutorial#

Welcome to the PyVista Tutorial!

Below you’ll find the schedule for the tutorial. Each lesson is split up into a talk and an exercise section where you’ll be able to practice what was demonstrated in the tutorial. These lessons are designed to be highly interactive, where each lesson page below contains a MyBinder button where you can run the notebooks in the MyBinder environment. You can also download notebooks and Python scripts for your local environment.

Download the Tutorial’s Jupyter Notebooks


If you have any questions about PyVista, feel free to post your questions in discuss or slack.

Tutorial Overview#




Introduction - Using PyVista for 3D Visualization within Python.

Basic usage

Reading and plotting 3D data using the pyvista.examples module and external files.

What is a Mesh?

Learn the basics of the PyVista data types and how to open common 3D file formats to visualize the data in 3D.

Plotting Options and Animations

Demonstrate many features of the PyVista plotting API to create compelling 3D visualizations and touch on animations.


Demonstrate the PyVista filters API to perform mesh analysis and alteration.

PyVista in Action

Show how PyVista is already being used within several projects and can be used for all things visualization.

PyVista & VTK

Show how PyVista uses VTK and how you can combine the best of both worlds!

PyVista and Sphinx

Leverage PyVista to make some awesome interactive web documentation.

Widgets in PyVista

Use PyVista with a variety of helpful widgets.

PyVista and QT

Demonstrate how to use PyVista to create standalone applications using pyinstaller and the Qt framework.